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Love Letters to a Unicorn: A book about kink, BDSM, and non-monogamy 2nd edition


The second edition of the Love Letters book contains new essays and updated text to reflect the growing use of this book as a textbook in human sexuality and psychology classes.


This book is a collection of essays which explore kink from the submissive perspective. The author explores how BDSM and feminism are compatible, the implications of the kink approach to consent on public policy, porn and feminism, and general education about the BDSM and kink communities.


The work is from a first person persepctive of a long-time member of the kink culture. The work is supported by academic research and references, but written in a way to make it accessible to anyone. 


The second edition addresses several of the concerns raised by readers of the first edition. A new editor was employed to improve readbility and fix copy editing errors. THe more personal and less relevant essays were replaced with new essays about kink post #MeToo and discussions about the evolution of pornorgraphy in American culture. The font was increased to meet the needs of readers with aging eyes (including the author).

DIGITAL Love Letters to a Unicorn, 2nd edition

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