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  • Where is Auntie Vice based?
    I am based in Northern California, about an hour north of Sacramento, My home airport is Sacramento Metro (SMF).
  • Is Auntie Vice available to teach classes?
    Yes! I love teaching kink/BDSM classes. My work focuses on submission. I have developed classes on mental health, deepening submission, submission and the single sub, developing connections through kink and more! Email me with the location, date(s), and topics of the proposed course(s) you want me to teach. We can negotiate travel, costs, etc.
  • Does Rebecca offer help to writers?
    Yes! I love helping writers. I can coach you through writing a book. I provide book reviews for Amazon and other sites. I can help with marketing and the self-publication process. I also provide informaton about grant writing and seeking financial support for your work. Just email me!
  • Pronouns, titles, etc?"
    I identify as a bisexual, agender, queer, service submissive. As for pronouns, I prefer Mx. in formal address. I respond to all pronouns (male, female, nonbinary) and don't really have a perference. As long as you are resepctful, I'm good with it.
  • Will Auntie Vice Review My Book or Product?
    Yes! I am happy to review books and products. I provide reviews and plugs for free. Please send me your book via email and the link to where you want to review published. I will provide a review for your blog, Amazon, GoodReads and other sites. If you want me to review your product, please contact me for a mailing address.
  • Where did you get those awesome tattooes?
    Most of my work was done by Stephanie Washburn at Tempelton Tattoo in Auburn, CA. She opens her books once or twice a year for large pieces. You can find her @Stephanie_Washburn on Instagram. I also recommend her collegue and former student April Marie. April works at Tempelton as well and can be found @AprilMarie_Tattoos on Instagram.
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