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The "It" Cast: Real Talk on Sex - Real Talk on Sex Work

The "It" Cast: Real Talk on Sex - Real Talk on Sex Work

Recently we had a four guest panel to have some Real Talk on Sex work with our special guests Jasmine, Auntie Vice (Rebecca Blanton), Cathy Reisenwitz, and Kathryn. Jasmine is a Psychotherapist, the owner and lead therapist of Blue Pearl Therapy. Jasmine co-owns, with partner King Noire, award-winning Royal Fetish Films and together have over 20 years of experience as adult entertainers, directors and producers.Their work on the Decolonization of Sex & Porn and Politics has been featured in Huffington Post, Rolling Stones, Paper Magazine, VICE, Playboy, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, BBC, Psychology Today and more. Auntie Vice is a kink educator and writer. They run the award-winning blog Love Letters to a Unicorn and have published 3 non-fiction works about BDSM. Their work uses an academic approach to understanding identity, intrapersonal power dynamics, gender, and sexuality. They also run the podcast Fat Chicks on Top. Cathy Reisenwitz is a writer with bylines in TechCrunch, The Week, VICE, Daily Beast, and other publications. Her newsletter is Sex and the State. Kathryn is a burlesque performer, sex educator, and a former pro-domme and sex worker of over 20 years. The conversation doesn’t end there! You can find bonus content from this episode on our patreon, where you will also get exclusive access to group support, discounts to events, and so much more! Become a Patron and join our mission to create a world of healing, free from sexual shame! You can keep up with our guests and follow them: / / @jetsetjasmine Cathy’s Newsletter: Sex and the State:; Twitter: @cathyreisenwitz.;; Fat Chicks on Top Podcast on all streaming services; @AuntieVice on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, Facebook, and FetLIfe Kathryn can be found at juicydlight on all platforms. She emcees burlesque shows for Hubba Hubba Revue at the DNA Lounge in SF.

Publications & Interviews

Archer Seeing Red: Can a National Safeword End Rape Culture in the US?

Adult Toy Guide "Best Sex Positions for Arthritis Joint Pain."  June 4, 2022

Bed Bible. "40 Experts Weigh In on Sexual Difference."

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Blanton, Rebecca E. (2020). The Big Workbook for Submissives

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Brito, Janet. (Jan. 21, 2022). "This is How Bipolar Disorder Can Shape Sex."

Bust Magazine (Sept 2021). "Private Parking" One-Handed Read Column.

Cosmopolitan (Jun 14, 2023). "13 Pegging Ses Positions for Beginners." 

Cosmopolitan (Oct. 19, 2022). "14 3some positions that will fulfill your hottest fantasies!" by Jill Hamilton

Cosmopolitan (Dec. 29, 2021) "The Pinball Wizard is As Magical as it Sounds" by Jill Hamilton

Cosmopolitan (Dec. 24, 2021) "8 Foursome Positions That Sizzle" by Jill Hamilton

Cosmopolitan (Dec. 23, 2021) "16 Shower Positions That Actually Work" by Jill Hamilton.

Cosmopolitan (Nov 19, 2021) "Triceratops Sex Position" by Jill Hamilton
Cosmopolitan (Oct 28, 2021). "8 Positions for Expressing Your Submissive Side" by Jill Hamilton

Cosmopolitan (Nov 10, 2021). 14 Best New Year Sex Positions" by Jill Hamilton

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The Enhanced Male. "How to Last Longer in Bed- 50 Experts Weigh In"

Everyday Health. "Best Sex Toys of 2022" by Crissy Holm (Oct. 26, 2022).

GQ Why Some Chronic Pain Sufferers are Turning to BDSM

Gotham Club Your First Time at a Dungeon

Gotham Club  7 Sexts That Drive Women Wild

I Am Poly (So Can You)  Polyamory and the Anxious Partner

I Am Poly (So Can You) Living and Dating with Clinical Anxiety

My Sex Toy Finder: The We-Vibe: Premium Sex Toy for a Premium Experience

Oh!MyMag "Triceratops: The Sex Position That Stimulates the Clit," by Lola Bee. Feb 9, 2022

Our Queer Stories

POPSUGAR. Melanie Whyte. "What is a Foot Fetish?"

Spices of Lust Interview

Shag Stories "Wet" (Lesbian Erotica)

Smutathon 2021 (Oct. 15, 2021) "Child-Bearing Shoulders."

Spices of Lust "Q&A: Love Letters to a Unicorn."

Taylor J. Mace, et al. (2020). Dating Kinky. Nookie Notes.

The Smutlancer. (Aug 2021). "Smutlancer Spotlight: Rebecca Blanton"

The Smutlancer. (May 2021). "How to Write Diverse Smutty Characters."

The Smutlancer. (Jan. 2021). "5 Do's and 4 Don'ts for Disabled Writers."

Wellcelium "Above the Belt: 7 Tips for Fighting Fair"
Wellcelium "Finding My Erotic Self"
Wellcelium "Online Intimacy Classes for Today's Couples"

Wellcelium "How To Reconnect With Yourself Post-Lockdown"

Wellcelium "How Strip Battleship and Other Play Can Enhance Your Sex Life"

Wellcelium "Your Journey to Erotic Confidence"

Zest for Life "Best Hobbies for Couples" - Expert Round Up

Podcast Appearances

Bawdy Storytelling Episode 53

Capital Storytelling "A Different Kind of Love" My story starts at 1;10:00

Erotic Awakening. "Forced Blow Job with Auntie Vice" EA612

Free the Kink. 

Gag on This Episode 172 "Sucking Like a Pigeon in a Jet Engine"

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"Cotton Candy" in HockSpitSlurp

Jesse Rivera Likes to Talk 5 Christmas Songs
Living Deliciously

Off Da Change "So You Think You Know Your Partner" 2/2021

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Risk! episode #1227 "Baby Gays"

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Terrible Tales Truthfully Told Episode 85
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Don Geronimo Show 6.20.17
Don Geronimo Show   6.16.16

Hello, Wonderful "Sex, Love, and Body Positivity"

Iambic Podcast Auntie Vice

Iambic Podcast "CharRon Smith"

Iambic "Reel Poetry" Patterson

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Iambic "Reel Poetry" 10 Things I Hate About You"

Iambic "Reel Poetry" Hamlet (1999)

Iambic "Reel Poetry" Romeo and Juliet (Baz Lurhman, Dir.)

Iambic "Reel Poetry" The Cat in the Hat

The "It" Cast: On Being Thick and Juicy


Television & Film Appearances
Nevada County Media. "LGBTQ+ Summit." Recorded June 13, 2022.  Role: Panelist
Atlantic Serenade (2006). Role - Investigator

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