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Embark on an enchanting odyssey with the Moonbean Unicorn Dildo, where fantasy meets physical ecstasy. Inspired by the mystical horn of the celestial unicorn, Moonbean's shaft captivates with a mesmerizing twist design that spirals towards euphoria. Its unique shape and contours promise to deliver waves of pleasure through a variety of movements—whether you’re indulging in a slow, sensuous twist, a rhythmic thrust, or strapping it on for a hands-free adventure. The Moonbean is not just a dildo but a key to a realm of new sensations, its silhouette designed to fill and thrill with a magical touch that's as alluring to the eye as it is satisfying to the body.

Moonbean is a strap-on dildo.

Pictures are only examples. Each toy is handmade to order which means there might be slight differences in colors/looks. No two toys appear exactly the same! Please allow for different base endings/trimmings.

We take pride in crafting our products with the utmost care, using only the finest materials available – platinum-cure silicone and the highest grade of body-safe pigments, ensuring both quality and safety.

If you are ordering the small one, the signature pour is blue and pink (no white) - the toy is small and white gets eaten (blended) with other colors.

Moonbean Small:

- Length: 13.6 cm / 5.35 inch
- Insertable: 12.5 cm / 4.92 inch
- Diameter at head: 8 mm / 0.31 inch
- Diameter at mid shaft: 22.6 mm / 0.89 inch
- Diameter at bottom: 36.2 mm / 1.42 inch (important for strap-on O-ring size)
- Diameter of the base: 51.2 mm / 2.01 inch
- How does it look like? Small dildo, suitable for first-time sex toy users.

Moonbean Medium:

- Length: 17.7 cm / 7 inch
- Insertable: 16.5 cm / 6.49 inch
- Diameter at head: 11.2 mm / 0.44 inch
- Diameter at mid shaft: 26.6 mm / 1.04 inch
- Diameter at bottom: 50.4 mm / 1.98 inch (important for strap-on O-ring size)
- Diameter of the base: 72.5 mm / 2.85 inch
- How does it look like? Decent sized dildo, the best choice for most users.


Moonbeam Dil

  • Sex Toy Returns

    Because of the type of use, sex toys cannot be returned if packaging has been opened.

    Unopened packaging may be returned for a refund of 80%.

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