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Experience the comfort and discreet elegance of Cushy Butt Plugs, designed for long-term wear and suited to every experience level. Available in three sizes, from a welcoming small to an adventurous large, they're perfect for safe, long-term enjoyment. The anchor-style base ensures stability, while the tapered design allows for a gentle yet fulfilling stretch. Made with premium silicone, these plugs provide a comfortable fit for enduring pleasure, inviting beginners to confidently evolve into seasoned enthusiasts.

Pictures are only examples. Each toy is handmade to order which means there might be slight differences in colors/looks. No two toys appear exactly the same! Please allow for different base endings/trimmings.

We take pride in crafting our products with the utmost care, using only the finest materials available – platinum-cure silicone and the highest grade of body-safe pigments, ensuring both quality and safety.

Colors available - see pics:

1) Midnight Majesty
2) Imperial Lavender
3) Emerald Opulence



- Insertable width: 34mm // 1.34 inch
- Insertable length: 51.4mm // 2.02 inch

- Insertable width: 40.7mm // 1.60 inch
- Insertable length: 60.8mm // 2.39 inch 

- Insertable width: 47mm // 1.85 inch
- Insertable length: 67.8mm // 2.67 inch

Cushy Plug

  • Due to the nature of sex toy use, we cannot refund items which have been opened.

    Items returned unopened will be refunded at 80%.

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