Light Verse

I have been away from this blog for a few weeks with an incapacitating illness. I am working on a few new blog entries. Until then, here is a little light love poetry.

Paris, Reprise

I met you again,

for the first time today.

Crazy, I know.

I didn’t recognize you at first,

it has been too long.

Generations since I last saw you.

It was not you face

or your eyes or your smile I recognized.

It was your inner light.

Your energy, your essence

your core

struck a cord with me.

That first night

when you held me in your arms

memory flooded back.

Paris, 1816

You were a poet

Living in a small cold flat.

Wrought iron bed frame and thin mattress.

You drank black coffee every day

at the same shop.

I was a traveler from India

and met you sitting

in that coffee shop in Paris.

You were thinner then

and more frail

but your light was still the same

You wrote fantastic words

about love and joy and life

and I fell in love.

We spent the rest of our lives together

in that small cold flat