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I'm Auntie Vice. I am a writer and performer. My work focuses on kink, BDSM, and gender. I am a old, kinky, queer, disabled revolutionary. I'm happy you found my site.

Please browse the site. This page has links to my various works (performances, publications, podcasts, and more). I keep links to my podcast, Fat Chicks on Top, and my blog Love Letters to a Unicorn, here along with details about them.

There are links to some of my classes which I recorded and make available online for download. I also offer a lot of materials for free. Links to my previous publications in magazines, journals, websites and more are under the "media" profile.


You can contact me by emailing

I try to keep the event and class schedule up-to-date along with my available publications and merchandise.

If you want to hire me, please email with the basic details of the event or the writing you would like. I also help coach folks with their own writing.

You can find me on most social media at @AuntieVice. I also maintain a kink-specific Instagram @AuntieViceNSFW.

Welcome and Stay Kinky!

~Auntie Vice

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